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Rebecca Reitz

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Rebecca Reitz is a Denver dwelling designer, creating work that is a direct reflection of the magical and beautiful world we live in. After working at an agency in the mountains of Colorado, she has shifted her focus to illustrating and creating work that addresses the human condition. Each piece of work, whether it be an illustration, a website, a logo, or a pattern design -- is a visual representation of our truth, our journeys, our past, our future. Rebecca works to create divine connections between ideas and their physical representations. 
From working with clients like Spirit Daughter, Taylor Cut Films, and more, she is dedicated to creating a conversation about the world and our place within it. Whether the medium used is watercolor, vectorized imagery, digital painting, or collaged photographs -- concept is the largest key. In seeing through the lens of anthropology and philosophy, her design works to capture the currents in humanity and ideas of universal consciousness. 

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