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About Poster Child prints and Sonja Teri


POSTER CHILD PRINTS (PCP) is dedicated to selling limited edition screen prints. We started PCP to make art accessible to collectors of all stripes-from novice enthusiasts to established connoisseurs. PCP sells high-quality prints at modest prices so that art is within reach to all. We work with the artists to create authentic works of art, each piece is individually authenticated to guarantee its uniquely limited status. We deliver the finest prints from a wealth of accomplished artists and rising talent. 
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photo from The Journalist

"I think people are intimidated when it comes to purchasing artwork - the idea can be extremely overwhelming. That's why I work with artists to create pieces that are attainable. I want all kinds of art lovers - from the novice to the seasoned collector - to feel like they can attain a piece that inspires and excites them. Not only do I want people to feel like they can purchase a piece of art that they love, I hope to share with people the reasons why the artists I choose to work with are important. PCP's roster of artists genuinely inspires me. I'm consistently blown away by the tremendous level of dedication and creativity that each of them brings to every single project. With PCP, I'm able to provide a unique outlet for that energy and I feel incredibly lucky to get to play a role in that process. I think of PCP as a bridge between artists and enthusiasts. When customers purchase a PCP print that they love, they become connected not just to the piece, but to the process of creation, the artist, and the spark of inspiration that ignites the entire process".

- Sonja Teri, Founder

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