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Tim Armstrong

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Tim Armstrong is a Grammy award-winning musician, songwriter, artist, director, poet, record producer, and independent label owner. During the 1980s, he served in several hardcore and ska punk bands, most notably Operation Ivy. In 1991, he formed the seminal punk rock band Rancid, which is credited with the mainstream revival of punk rock in the mid-1990s, and is one the most commercially successful and respected punk bands of all time.  Armstrong’s musical influence extends far beyond the punk rock realm - in 2003, he co-wrote eight songs with platinum-selling artist Pink for her album Try This, which included the Grammy award-winning single Trouble. Tim grabbed another Grammy in 2013 for his work on Jimmy Cliff's album Rebirth. Other notable collaborations have included Joe Strummer, Cypress Hill, the Tim Timebomb & Friends series, and Travis Barker of Blink 182 (of which he has released three records with their band, the Transplants), just to name a few.
For decades, Tim Armstrong has been creating artwork that reflects his life, tools of his trade, and poetic ruminations. His raw style features unpolished aesthetics, with simple line drawings, paintings, and mixed media works. Since 2010, Armstrong has collaborated with Poster Child Prints on more than 70 limited edition prints. In 2014, he held a solo exhibition at Subliminal Projects titled "Avenues and Alleyways." Described by Juztapoz magazine as a"well-rounded, honest, and unrefined look at Armstrong's artistic charm," the exhibition showcased over one hundred never-before-seen pieces. Following the success of the 2015 exhibition, Armstrong has participated in several other gallery shows, including a sold-out show in Japan. Shephard Fairey describes Armstrong's art as having"a visceral lyricism and immediacy that screams if you feel it in your guts…express it with your hands! The D.I.Y. punk ethos of honesty and emphasis on raw instinct that is so integral to Tim’s music is clearly evident in his tremendous body of gestural and poetic visual art".

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