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Lauren Mckenzie

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Lauren Mckenzie Noel is a biracial 29-year-old who was born outside of Detroit Michigan in 1988. However, she grew up in South Florida. Her family life was surrounded by artists and the exploration of identity even as a young girl. It was in south Florida where she attended the school Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts. It was there that her love for creating grew and was nurtured by many of her Visual Art teachers. Upon leaving High School Lauren soon after had her first Son, and shortly after that had her second son. It was her love for motherhood that reconnected her to the art world and sent her in the direction to make creating her full-time career. 

Lauren has been a part of two collaboration exhibitions titled “US”  with her children. Bringing awareness to autism which her youngest son  Keegan has. Bridging the gaps between the non-verbal world her son lives in and the desire to create for both herself and her son. The latest Collaboration show was exhibited for a single night at the Cleveland Print room in the Spring of 2018. 

Lauren’s body of work has varied from the mediums she chooses to her style. Exploring the use of color has always been at the forefront of every series she has begun. Exploring her own self as a woman of color and the identity that she faces as being both black and white. It is because of her background she chooses to play with a constant range of colors. Her latest series which combines the female form and geometric shapes play with body images and pattern play. Embracing and showcasing her love for color is a must in every series. Ranging from her The Color of my skin series to her work with her children. Which embodies a range of bright bold colors. You can also find many of her latest murals currently around Cleveland, Ohio. The most recent mural was painted in part of a co-working space inside Tyler Village. As well as newer murals going up in Public Square summer of 2018, and in collaboration with RTA. 

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