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Kime Buzzelli

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Kime Buzzelli is an Ohio born artist based in California. She creates fashion-based paintings and illustrations. Music, voyeurism, magazines, story telling, and fashion inspire her work. Buzzelli's unique sense of style and the strong yet mysterious female characters in her paintings set her work apart. Invested in a vocabulary of desire, nature, witchcraft and superstition, her paintings are essentially dark love poems. Buzzelli attended Parson's School of Design in NYC, and the Ohio State University, where she received her BFA in painting and a degree in Art Education. For nine years she was the founder and designer of Show Pony, a Concept Art/Fashion Boutique in Echo Park, and is now the costume designer at CBS on Bad Teacher. She has shown artwork in galleries around the world, and has been featured in many publications including Elle, Visionaire, The Face, Swindle, Lucky, Cosmopolitan, and Nylon.

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