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Jack Greer

Jack Greer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California Jack left the neighborhood of Palms and went to Pratt University in Brooklyn, NY, where he studied fine arts. Through the shaky road to graduation he fluctuated between drawing, painting, and sculpture as majors. Motivated and confident, Jack's had his hands in many projects over the years including: exhibiting at New York's Still House Group (currently home to half -a- dozen new and exciting emerging young artists), an ongoing clothing collection with Opening Ceremony, he's been the Lead Designer/Creative Director for various Nike specialty projects and debuting soon, a new line with Marc Jacobs … all while continuing to create artwork for his solo and group shows worldwide. Now working in various mediums, Jack lives in the East Village with his dog. A part of the Still House Group, operating out of Red Hook Brooklyn, Jack rides his bike and melts crayons, pours resin, and does everything else to answer the question: How do organisms communicate? He's busy creating and with each of his collaborations, there's a sense of newness; even with his art, Jack's always playing with different mediums and concepts. From installations, painting, photography, typography, and patchwork, he's that “ fearless explorer ” that you hope to find in every young and ambitious contemporary artist.

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