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  • "Annual Jason Jaworski Holiday Party" -SF

    August 10, 2010 1 min read

    Please join The Citrus Report  for their annual Jason Jaworski Holiday Party, Wednesday, August 11th 2010, at 252 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, California for exclusive and limited zines along with free typewritten texts, hugs and handshakes. Formal attire would be nice.


    From The Citrus Report:
    News rooms used to be bustling with reporters, photographers, copy editors, managing editors, fact-checkers, publishers, deputy editors, photo editors, editors-at-large, metro reporters, secretaries, art directors, and layout artists. All in one place. All putting together one magazine, newspaper or disposable collection of data and facts. All and all, it took an army to report the news.

    Today, it takes a machine of one to facilitate information. One man/woman. A computer. A hero. A complete disregard to time and tradition. An indifference to accuracy. A celebration and performance of individual glory. Our evolution has depended on it.

    The Citrus Report, an online entity of pop culture happenings and complete non-happenings, will open its office doors to the public from August 11-August 26 to discuss daily news occurrences, Madlib, current events, contemporary art, San Francisco Giants baseball, political mishaps, morning rituals, high-end denim, BP CEOs, soccer moms, graffiti, social networking, and Phil Spector hits.