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Studio Visit with Albert Reyes & Tim Armstrong

May 30, 2012 2 min read

With Albert Reyes' print releasing tomorrow, we thought we would go visit him in his studio and check out this haunted house that we've been hearing about. PCP artist and friend Tim Armstrong decided to come along for the ride.

Let's start by telling you a little bit about Albert Reyes. Reyes is a Los Angeles based artist whose canvases have ranged from recycled hardcover book covers to public sidewalks. He's known for his amazing detailed pencil drawings, which we here at PCP can't get enough of. His artwork is beyond inspiring. His pieces have this great pairing of the feminine seduction with LA street culture. He's also become known for this crazy haunted house that he built himself. Originally shown at the Pacific Design Center in 2010 he has since moved it to his backyard where it has taken on a life of its own.

Visiting Albert at his home studio with his self-built haunted house in the backyard had us feeling like we were living in a dream state. Somewhere between Edward Scissor Hands meets an East LA house party. Did we mention that Tim brought along his guitar. Basically it was like having one of the best days with your best friends and your own personal soundtrack. Pretty rad to say the least.

Here are some pictures of our visit. Big, big thank you to Albert and his family. Such an incredible day!

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Albert getting a little work-out before showing us the insides of the haunted house.

The roof of the haunted house is of course made from spider webs and branches.

It wouldn't be an Albert Reyes haunted house without an awesome art wall.

Tim and Albert "arting".

All things great...


The inside of Albert's studio. Yes... even on the ceiling.

Albert Reyes aka GIVE

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