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BUCKLEY is a visual philosopher. Her works manifest in varied forms, including ink drawings, paintings, sculpture, music, performance, poetry, animation, workshops, and experiential events. Each media allows her a different dialect to study and discuss values of an enlightened tribal society. A synthesis of modern voicing and ancient forms, Buckley’s works traverse the symbolic and timeless experiences of self, reaching beyond the aesthetic to prompt conscious contemplation of inner life. With a fascination for the neural basis of creativity, her works are largely the product of automatic/intuitive creation, allowing the unconscious mind to direct the majority of her stream-of-consciousness process. The sense of instant action can be felt immediately in Buckley’s imagery; its lines exact and seemingly completed in one stroke. Her interplay of form and space are as honest and direct as instinct. Rather than dictating the complexities of reality, Buckley’s inclination towards simplicity invites the viewer to deploy their own facilities of reason, intuition, and reflection. Buckley currently lives and works in New York City & Los Angeles.


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