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Mark Mothersbaugh

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1950: Born Akron Ohio

1957: Received first pair of spectacles and simultaneously became interested in art

1968: Enrolled at Kent State University fine arts dept

1970: Protests war in Viet Nam. Meets Jerry Casale at Kent State and conceptualizes the art band DEVO

1975: First solo gallery show

1976 – Present: Bob, Jim and Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob and Jerry Casale release award winning short film “In the beginning was the end - the truth about De-evolution ” and European chart topping singles. During this time period created along with Jerry Casale and Bob Mothersbaugh all of Devo's film, graphics, music and stage shows DEVO continues to record and perform

1984 – Present: Composes music for film, TV, radio, games and Web

1987 – Present: Has shown visual art in hundreds of solo and group exhibitions

2008: Receives honorary doctorate from Kent State

2009: Devo begins work on fresh sounds of inspiration

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