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David Weidman

Welcome to the world of David Weidman, this highly creative octogenarian began his career as an animation background artist in 1950's. Characters such as Mr. Magoo, Rocky and Bullwinkle and all the delightful characters of the “Fractured Fairytales” series were literally drawn into the worlds he and others created. In the 1960's his creative need to produce more fully realized works prompted him to leave the studios and strike out on his own where he delved into the field of silkscreen printing.
Working out of his home studio, he became a true master of the medium. There, David's love of nature, and family combined with a highly developed sense of wit and whimsy became the subjects of his artistic world. Later, his entrepreneurial spirit prompted him to open his own gallery and studio on La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles where his unique and instantly recognizable work became highly sought after. His artistic voice exemplifies the look of a generation, while still remaining current and relevant. A retrospective book of his enormous body of work The Whimsical Works of David Weidman (and Also Some Serious Ones) was recently published and favorably reviewed by the New York Times.

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