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Bill McRight

Bill McRight was born in 1978 just outside Atlanta. He wandered the East coast for most of his life until moving to Los Angeles in 2011. He has worked with printmaking, mixed media, more recently he has been drawing, making sculpture and installations. His drawings are pretty much always skulls and his sculpture is most often crude weaponry made from old tools and other found objects. His artworks discuss the potential for violence in people, tough guy posturing, isolation, and desperation. When it comes to influences he sites: poor construction, invention through necessity, youth culture, civilian graffiti, and things left behind, as well as art history, literature, pop culture, and a touch of religion. Even though theres a lot of dark stuff going on here Bill says its all fun and he is content to fall asleep next to his true love and two cats with a combined weight of about 40 lbs.

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