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November 29, 2016 1 min read

The largest of the series, The Contender is the eighth print edition in the Sketch Series by Tim Armstrong. 

Additionally, Tim's releasing Vol. 8 of Track Fast fanzine; Mixed Martial Artists. The fanzine comes free with the purchase of this print and features all original drawings by Tim. All zines are numbered, signed and limited to 100.

Tim Armstrong Limited Edition Artwork

18 x 24 inches / Limited Edition of 100 / Signed by Tim Armstrong

Prints are one-color silkscreen; handcrafted in Los Angeles using the finest archival paper and inks.

All prints come numbered, embossed and exclusive to Poster Child Prints,
validated by a Certificate of Authenticity

*includes fanzine

Limited Edition Artwork by Tim Armstrong

BUY ART...your walls will thank you

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