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April 25, 2019 1 min read

Throughout his travels across the American Southwest, Sean W. Spellman documents the many places a person might dream of calling home. With carefree brushstrokes and organic shapes, Spellman captures the nostalgic essence of passing through space and time.

Our goal at PCP is to make art affordable and accessible to people who have a big love for art that perhaps doesn't fit their budget. 

Which is why we are so grateful to collab with Sean W. Spellman on his Very Nice Artist Editions, an affordable option that's still one-of-a-kind. These hand-painted prints are each individually treated with a light wash making no two alike.


We also stocked up on a few original paintings that are sure to make your space feel open and relaxed. Contemplate on Spellman's simple forms while you decompress from a long day.


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