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October 12, 2017 1 min read

Introducing a bite-sized collection of prints by Horace Panter, featuring some recognizable storefronts of Los Angeles. These delicately rendered scenes are still yet full of style and personality just like our beloved city, LA! Bring the best of LA's urban sprawl indoors so you can admire it from the comfort of your domesticity. The perfect set of prints for an intimate reading nook or bathroom. Get the whole series to make a cute hangstyle happen instantly or spread them throughout your home to establish a subtle theme as you move through a space.

9 x 12 inches

9 x 12 inches

12 x 12 inches

Limited Editions of 100
Signed by Horace Panter
Sold individually or as a set of three
Numbered and validated by a certificate of authenticity







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