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  • Edith Adi Argentinian & Aboles Embalados. by Found Art-Found Art-Poster Child Prints
  • November 08, 2017 1 min read

    This series of prints by Allison Kunath is so versatile and lovely, they really would look great anywhere- as a cluster or even scattered throughout your home. Depicting the challenges and pleasures of a relationship, these prints could create the perfect corner for pondering romance and setting intention for the kinds of relationships you hope to nurture.

    The Embrace Series
    Embrace V
    Embrace VII
    Embrace XIII
    Embrace XVII
    Embrace XX
    Embrace XXI

    Limited Editions of 100
    Signed by Allison Kunath
    Sold individually or as a set of six.
    Numbered and validated by a certificate of authenticity.