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Curtis Kulig at Rook & Raven Gallery

July 16, 2013 1 min read

Curtis Kuligs first UK solo show will be devoted to a whole new body of watercolor works on paper and we are really looking forward to it! Be sure to check out the show if you are in London!

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Kulig continues to refine his aesthetic, sweeping his staple scripture on multi-layered canvases, purposely leaving his pieces dripping with paint to maintain a fundamental municipal feel.  The famous slogan has since evolved into a manifestation of resulting abstract forms, all derived from a simple statement, which further goes to cement his transition into Contemporary Art.

These new watercolors works offer an incredible malleability: they are exceptionally vulnerable, yet assertive and visually powerful. Kulig's signature 'Love Me' declaration is conversely impulsive and eternal, fluctuating between a wild obsession and stoic mantra; an undying phrase of visceral expression and a reminder of our most basic human desire.

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