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New Work by Kevin Earl Taylor: Monument Adrift

July 04, 2013 1 min read


Hello Portland Friends...

We highly advise you to go check out Monument Adrift: New Work by PCP artist Kevin Earl Taylor opening on July 5th and going until July 27 at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland Oregon! We promise it will be an incredible show and one you don't want to miss. Check out some preview pieces below. More info on the gallery website.

"Taylor’s oil paintings demonstrate a mastery of both technical execution and conceptual dexterity. Constellations of concepts congregate amongst imagined landscapes as he explores a magnetism unto mystery within the subject matter of his work. Myths and ideologies combine within the content leaving the viewer uncertain of whether the timeless paintings depict a scene from a visionary society of the future or relics of the past. A monument, often steadfast, exists to symbolize and materialize a moment in time, thought pattern, or someone or thing intended to be pondered. The monuments within these paintings shroud their portrayals by masking their make and motive. At once in transit and transition, they retain the curiosity of vast sectors of a deviant wilderness, morphing as perceptions change with the uncertainty of the time and place depicted. In Monument Adrift, Taylor observes the power possessed by homages with ever changing focus. In nature, the mundane is heralded with as much importance as with the outwardly fascinating. Symbolic forms draw crowds, and the symbiosis of rock and flesh depicted within these paintings conveys a narrative led discourse with natural and fantastical elements woven throughout the phantasmagorical subject matter."

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