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  • Now available "Applause" by Brandon Boyd!!

    December 12, 2012 2 min read

    Our new limited edition print  "Applause" by  Brandon Boyd is now available!!

    We asked Brandon if he would write a few words about his inspiration  for "Applause". What he gave us back was so good that  we have to share with all of you, unedited. Yes, it's over 143 characters but it's worth it...


    Greetings girls and boys, and happy December to you all!

    For your viewing pleasure I am happy to introduce you to a new watercolor/ink offering that arrived last month. Let's call it "Applause" for shits and giggles.

    I was listening to your boy Tom Waits while stranded in a hotel room and in a flurry of spilled ink, reds and oranges, water warping the paper into micro-topographies and the not so gentle but steady pitter-splatter of rain on the roof, I awoke to a strange profile singing the lyrics to one of his own songs holding space in my sketchbook! It was a fortuitous visit and I'd like to thank Mr. Waits for the inspiration that night.
    I hope you all enjoy the piece, but look further into the folds than just a mere glance. It has a tendency to reveal new landscapes with each observation.

    For any of you looking for the perfect Xmas, Chanukah, Quanza, Festivus, or selfish "I'm just going to buy myself presents this year" treat, may I humbly suggest "Applause" for your beloved one. If your stocking is square shaped it'd make an amazing stuffer. If your Secret Santa has psychedelic affiliations feel free to hang it sideways. If you are new to Tom Waits' music, may this letter be a loving introduction. If you, Mr. Waits, read this and or see the piece and cringe, I'm sorry. But not that sorry; you, after all, did write a record that brought all this applause in the first place. That, and your scene with Iggy Pop in 'Coffee and Cigarettes' is highly underrated. Ok, I'm done.

    I love you, Lovers! Happy December and may the fleas of a thousand camels avoid your armpits. (Sleep well, Mr. Frank Sardisco)

    Love and Light,

    Brandon Boyd



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