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Dislocated: New Works by Kevin Earl Taylor

November 30, 2010 2 min read

New works by Kevin Earl Taylor December 11th – January 15th, 2011 (Opening reception December 11th, 7-10pm)
Eleanor Harwood Gallery 1295 Alabama St. San Francisco, CA 94110


Through an ongoing attempt to preserve our surroundings, we can easily overlook what a thing actually is. An object, when presented for public perusal, is dislocated from the system that previously required it’s initial purpose. Frozen in a state of artificial immortality, the intrinsic functionality removed- it becomes literally untouchable. It is not difficult in an age where we involuntarily process a constant stream of information to miss an opportunity to appreciate beauty while it exists amongst us. In fact, we often wait until an existence becomes threatened before we rally for preservation. An observant mind and eye anticipates what will become tomorrow’s cherished relics. Ironically, by consciously exercising this action, the need to place things out of reach in order to experience them in their natural state could become less necessary.

Dislocated examines concepts of isolation, exhibition and preservation. The inherent functionality of each subject is removed, becoming an object on display whose sole purpose is being regarded by the viewer. Through presenting organic forms within sterile interiors, the focus is shifted towards the subject and away from its relationship unto an environment. Through these images, subjects and situations are forced out of context and the viewer is asked to take a fresh perspective.

It is expected to visually digest inanimate objects once inside an art gallery or museum, but it seems unfamiliar and awkward to perceive living creatures in the same fashion. These images allow one to pause for a moment and acquire such a pretense. The aim of this work is not to comment positively or negatively on this act, but to manifest a perspective and publish results.


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