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Tim Armstrong Print Release

May 26, 2010 1 min read

I've been friendly with Tim Armstrong for awhile and was aware that he was an artist but it wasn't until earlier this year when we reconnected that I was privileged to see his extensive art collection. We had talked about releasing some prints but I had no idea where to begin...he has so much work. It's awesome! Some of  his work has his band's references but there is so much more than that.


Tim decided to release his first print (with more to come) with Poster Child Prints. The image we chose was originally a photo taken by Tim of Gwen Stefani while she was performing and then transformed into a stencil resulting in a screen-printed image of Gwen.We printed a limited run of those....only 200 and they are available here. We are also releasing an artist series of the same print. The Artist Edition is limited to 50 prints and each is hand-painted by Tim. Those are available here. Please remember as with all of the artist Editions that we cannot reserve specific prints for customers. -your PCP dealer, Sonja














TimArmstrong is best known for his work in Operation Ivy, Rancid and the Transplants. He is also the founder of Hellcat Records. Tim’s artwork has been a private endeavor for decades. Few know that this private sideline hasdeveloped into a full body of work expanding many mediums. PCP is proud to release Tim’s first of many print series.

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