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The Private Collection of Henry Darger/ NYC

April 06, 2010 1 min read

VIA Flavorpill

American Folk Art Museum says: Henry Darger had an art collection. He displayed it in his one-room apartment in Chicago, nearly one hundred artworks hanging from string, tacked into the walls, or pasted with glue directly onto various surfaces. Like many art collectors, Darger had a passion to amass images meant, most likely, to provide him with pleasure and satisfaction, as well as to amuse his curiosity and intellect. And like many practicing artists, he surrounded himself with his own production—paintings, drawings, and collages—made in a modest scale, with simple supplies and readily available material. His densely layered collage technique prioritized images of people from newspaper clippings, magazine illustrations, coloring book pages, and photographic enlargements. Selected from nearly forty collages in the museum’s collection and exhibited for the first time, the works on view illustrate another, previously unexplored aspect of Darger’s creative world. These are the images to which Darger woke up each morning, returned to every evening after church and work, and retired to at night

Price  $9,   Daily (Apr 6 – Sep 16)

Where  American Folk Art Museum. 45 W 53rd St



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