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Available Now: "Mary Kali" by Ravi Zupa

January 27, 2016 1 min read


Mary Kali

18 x 24 inches

Limited Edition of 100

Six-color hand-pulled silkscreen crafted in Los Angeles using the finest paper and archival inks.

All prints are embossed with the PCP seal, signed by Ravi Zupa, numbered and exclusive to Poster Child Prints, validated by a certificate of authenticity.




About "Mary Kali"

This poster was very complicated technically. It’s only 6 colors but we managed to make it look like an old, rough lithograph with many more colors.

As for the subject. This is what I’ll say: I got in a heated argument with mother about it. She was raised methodist and is now part of a religion that comes from sikhism (which is a reformed Hinduism). She said “Mary is innocent!”

She’s not wrong. I’m not either.

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