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Upcoming Don Pendleton Release: Cadence

October 23, 2015 1 min read

Next Wednesday October 28th at 11am PST we will be releasing a brand new limited edition print titled “Cadence" by Don Pendleton. Like his previous print editions this one will be a quick sell out so make sure to grab one ASAP because once our editions are gone they're never reprinted.

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About Cadence:

"This piece is more of an exploration of balance and composition. I think with any art, one of the biggest challenges is creating a visual rhythm and a balance with the color and the shapes and the space. So even though the elements are static, there is still movement going on created by the angles and the lines. At first glance, there is disorder. After a period of looking at it, that rhythm and balance begins to emerge and it becomes a type of controlled chaos, which is always kind of the goal with my work."

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