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"My Operation Ivy Guitar" Print Release by Tim Armstrong

May 08, 2014 1 min read

Guitars are not only Tim's favorite subject to draw and paint, but most of them have legendary stories behind them. 

Inspired by the guitar played by Tim Armstrong during the Operation Ivy years, we present three new print editions, appropriately titled "MY OPERATION IVY GUITAR"

With this series come three different images with the same reoccurring theme, the guitar.  

Each of the three editions is sized at 22” x 28” inches and is numbered, embossed and hand-signed by Tim Armstrong!

The first and largest edition is the one-color, Black & White Edition, limited to 150 prints.

The next and much smaller edition is the Color Edition. Boasting four vibrant colors, this edition is limited to only 30 prints.

The third and most exclusive print in the series is the Artist Edition. These HPM (hand-painted multiples) includes thirteen hand-drawn prints by Tim, each completely different and unique from one another. Inspired by one of Tim’s favorite books, Moby Dick, the words on the prints are excerpts from the first pages of the novel. With no two prints alike, it’s like owning an original piece of artwork by Tim! 

We are thrilled to make these beautiful print editions available to you and like previous releases, these will go fast so don’t hesitate!

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