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PCP's Founder, Sonja Teri has some ideas on how to hang your artwork.
Follow her rules to achieve the perfect gallery wall.


How to Group Artwork

My favorite method for hanging artwork is in salon-style clusters. Learn how to combine standout pieces with other mementos for a unique look you can build upon for years to come. 

ONE: Start at the center. Pick one piece to take center stage, and then fit other pieces in. “It never fails me. It always ends up looking incredible, and it brings all the pieces to life.” 

TWO: Group like colors. Don’t put too much thought into which art will go on which walls. Simply combine pieces that have similar hues. Then assign them to a space and select complementary colors for furniture. 

THREE. Mix valued art with ordinary pieces. Part of the fun of salon-style hanging is assembling a variety of art at different price points which also interspersing photos, vintage postcards, music posters and even mirrors or interesting tiles. “Pieces that don’t always get much attention work in well because they are next to things that demand more attention,” Sonja says.

FOUR: Build your collection slowly, “Even if you don’t have much to start with, you can add to it over the years or Sonja says. Start with small clusters and slowly add to your wall as flea-market trips and vacations prove successful.

The Do's and Don't for hanging artwork 

DO take a chance and be a risk taker.DON’T be scared to put holes in your walls.

DO mix frames of all colors and sizes.

DON’T wait for the perfect piece, or you’ll end up waiting forever.

DO get started right away with what you have, remember you can always add to it later.

DO it yourself embellish and spray-paint frames to liven up your walls.

DON’T hang art on every wall to avoid overwhelming a space.

DO pick walls for the focal point and create statement arrangements.

DO mix vintage pieces, memorabilia, family pictures, sketches, postcards, limited edition prints and small paintings to create an eclectic look.

DON’T be afraid to place the artwork close together. My rule of thumb is never more than 2 inches apart.

DO hang artwork that makes you happy. Your space, whether it’s a home or office setting should evoke a feeling of happiness. You should always walk through your front door and want to be there. Artwork can do that for you!



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