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What's your hangstyle?
Here are some decorating ideas to steal now! Browse our collection of PCP
exclusive prints and get some room decor inspiration from the walls of our happy customers.

contemporary art - decorating home office ideasTie a room together with a print like, Calli Twins by Tim Biskup - a great piece for a modern office.

contemporary artists - FriendsWithYouWe love a well decorated home office. Get the look here, from one of our favorite artists FriendsWithYou

abstract art for master bedroom - Curtis KuligLooking for master bedroom decorating ideas? Create a sweet spot in your room. Pull it all together with “Love Me” prints by Curtis Kulig.

Contemporary Wall artPlan the perfect wall arrangement with our exclusive “Lost in the Kingdom,” by Don Pendleton print, available here.

Every room needs a statement piece. In love with our collection? Browse our large contemporary wall art, like “Sapience” by Tasya Van Ree.

Make your hallway a stylish room of its own. Add some work from some of our favorite contemporary artists.

Put your own stamp in your space! Start looking through the work of the top pop artists. Featured artists here- Skullphone

Searching for bedroom decorating ideas? Start with some figurative art, like “Untitled 1” by Albert Reyes

Every home should have a unique style. Find yours. Browse modern artists to find what inspires your hangstyle.

Embrace the minimalism. Check out work by Langley Fox and other artists like her, exclusively through pcp.

Choose pop-art art for small spaces. Like, Curtis Kulig’s “Love me, Red Friday.” This print is a proud artist edition.

Colors can energize a space, or calm it down. Browse some of our most colorful art like David Weidman’s “All For Them” print.

A piece of art can transform any space. If a modern look is what you’re looking for we recommend artists like Jim Houser

Add your personal touch with some work from contemporary artist, Matt Goldman’s, “Explosion, Red, White & Blue.” Available for purchase here

Explore your inner abstract instincts. Prints featured in this #hangstyle are available for purchase - “Sometimes You’re An Indian” by Cyrcle.

While decorating your living room, choose furniture, decor, and textures that excite you. Browse pcp room decor to get started.

Be inspired to create your dream living room. Start with pieces by illustrative artists like this print by Deer Dana

Every small apartment needs a statement piece. Browse all contemporary art for small spaces.

Looking for interior decorating ideas? Turn your home into an art gallery. Get started with one of our favorite visual artists, Jack Greer.

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have small style. Take a look at some of our iconic art, to get the creative juices flowing.

Pro Tip: When searching for apartment decorating ideas, think about size and orientation when purchasing contemporary art. Featured print here

Plan the perfect wall arrangement, like in this #hangstyle post. Take a look at one of our favorite modern artists, Natalia Fabia (Featured in photo)

Dress your walls similar to this #hangstyle post - Feature print, by Love + Made.

Bring bold style into your home. This piece is a great starting point when you’re looking for decorating ideas.

We love this #hangstyle with some of our favorite pieces! Check out all of David Weidman’s work with Poster Child Prints.

Start a collection of original art! Start with FriendsWithYou. Find out more about them here and check out all of their prints, exclusive to Poster Child Prints.

What small apartments lack in space can make up for in style. Browse some of our best street art. Pick up this print featured here.

Look for luxurious accents - Browse contemporary art and be inspired by prints like Curtis Kulig’s prints on PCP.

Apartment Decorating Ideas: Fill that Wall - Don’t be afraid to cover the whole area. Like this #hangstyle? Get the look here.

Make sleeping, relaxing, and daydreaming more enjoyable by adding some pop- art to your bedroom. Shop the art here. Featured Print: “The Love Made Me Do It” by NTSG

Pro Tip: When Framing Art - Select a frame that complements the furniture and the architecture of the room. Featured Print: “Biggie Smalls” by NTSG.

Looking for a focal piece? Try “Nothing is Wrong is It Feels Good,” by Baron Von Fancy with a bold frame. Available for purchase.

Showcasing eclectic art is true expression. Love this #hangstyle? Shop the look here.

We love the minimalist look too! Get inspired by this #hangstyle. Shop graffiti art by Pose. Featured print: Mad Hatter.

Decorating Ideas: Believe in contrast - contemporary art can also work in traditionally styled homes.

Surround yourself with art you love! Check out illustrative artist, Brandon Boyd and one of the featured prints in this #hangstyle. Shop all art here.

Color Coordinate with PCP. Featured piece: David Weidman - “In God We Trust.”

Go all black and white. Featured print: “When The Shit Hits The Fan,” by Mark dean Veca

Introduce some style when searching for master bedroom decorating ideas, like this #hangstyle did with Curtis Kulig’s “Love Me, Party Day” print, a contemporary artist based in New York.

Combine energizing and reflection artwork. Don’t be afraid to make a statement. Featured print: “Spaghetti Western II, Artist Edition” by Joshua Petker (Artist Edition)

Find a print that compliments the rest of your artwork. Browse our collection for that missing piece. We recommend, “I Still Miss You Biggie” by NTSG seen here.

Add abstract art into a small space. Print available through PCP. Featured Print: “La Psicologia Del Deso,” by Mark Mothersbaugh

Lighting can make a huge difference. After hanging art, play around with the lighting to see if there is room to illuminate the artwork. Featured Print: “The Love Made Me Do It,” by NTSG

Modern Office Decorating: Don’t be afraid to mix business and creativity. Featured print, “Eastern Barrage” by Jim Houser. Browse all Jim Houser prints.

contemporary artistsRemember, contemporary art in a traditional room does not need a traditional frame. Explore framing options. Featured Artist: “We Are All Kings” by Amanda Visell

Explore the all types of #hangstyle. Different mediums, sizes and framing techniques can make a fantastic feature wall. Featured Art: “La Psicologia del deseo” by Mark Mothersbaugh.

Hallways are great places to hang contemporary art. It makes for an attractive gallery. Featured Print: “Animal Instinct” by Tasya Van Ree.

A home office is a place where ideas come to life. Invest in your space. Browse all contemporary art to be inspired when looking for home office decorating ideas. Featured Print: Love + Made, Heart by Love + Made.

Pro Tip: When wanting to cover a wall try the look out on the floor first before you hang it. Shop all art for your gallery wall.

Looking for small apartment ideas? You don’t need a huge space to create a home office.

When hanging different size frames, stand further back to look at the overall balance. Take a look at some of our art to get those decorating ideas flowing. Featured Print: “Digital Red” by Skullphone.

Living Room Decor - Bright colors create a warm and stimulating atmosphere. A piece of art is great way to add to that. Featured Print: “Celebration of Broken Lights” by Rocky Grimes.

If you’re unsure of what frames to choose, they’re out of your budget, or you just don’t like them, this #hangstyle is a great alternative. Featured print: “Curtis Kulig.” Kulig prints available here.

Stairways are a great way place to hang art. Most staircase galleries surround a common element, but don’t shy away from diversity! Need more decorating ideas? Look at our artist edition gallery.

Keep it simple: Large iconic art, alone on a wall makes a huge statement. Featured print: “Love Me Forever And Ever” by Curtis Kulig.

Be sure to browse our vast selection of some of the most renowned visual artists. Featured print: “Girl Lion Sun” by Amanda Visell