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Jason Shelowitz (Jay Shells) is an artist and graphic designer from New York who currently resides in Los Angeles. He graduated from Pratt with a Masters in Graphic Design and then apprenticed for Milton Glaser. Jason’s first publicly-acclaimed campaign was in 2010 and entitled The Metropolitan Etiquette Authority (MEA). Jason created a series of original screen-prints each of which contained subway etiquette suggestions, and he posted them all over NYC subway stations and trains. Following that, the MEA hit the streets with public-behavior etiquette suggestions printed on metal street signs and installed in high-traffic areas. These projects were highly covered by mainstream and art media around the world. Also, they began to create a niche for Jason’s public work as an expert public communicator, with a message: be better and do better.

In 2013, Jason created his most well-known public campaign to date called The Rap Quotes. In this project, site-specific rap lyrics are made into street signs, billboards and phone booth ad spaces and installed in the exact location called out in the lyrics. The project was inspired

by his love of the culture and vision that we should give back to the communities who gave us Hip Hop. The project was turned into a television show with Red Bull TV, a book published by Dokument Press and is being registered with the Universal Hip Hop Museum.

Jason's fine art focuses mainly on pyrography—hand-burned images in wood. His work has been exhibited in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Hawaii, Dusseldorf and London.  @jayshells_


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