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November 21, 2019 3 min read



First things first, if you're planning on getting gifts for your loved ones by Christmas, you'll need to know what our shipping timeline looks like. 


When they see it hung up in their home, they'll always think of you...

The safest bet for quick turn-around and full-service framing is our Hang Ready collection. Prints in this collection can be printed, framed and shipped from the same location ensuring the speediest turn-around for hang-ready art! Tapestries and Found Art pieces from this collection are either already framed or are ready to hang as is, eliminating the lengthy process of framing altogether. Any COAs that come with the art you've ordered will be mailed separately.


It tells a story, often transporting you to another time and place...


Found Art is what we call the vintage oddities that we've gathered from around the world at estate sales, flea markets, and beyond. This collection is the perfect place to look for that friend or family member that always seems to find the rarest vintage treasures. Shopping our Found Art is your opportunity to find them something that will suit their existing, well-curated collection.


It's value increases over time...


Our silkscreen prints are made by hand, not machines. Using top-caliber inks and papers, each edition is produced with care, in one run, to assure that every print is consistent in color and quality. There's nothing like the smell of rich ink soaked into a heavyweight paper. We know the difference, and if they're a printophile, they will too. Since these prints were produced all at once, they have no additional production time and are ready to ship out ASAP (if you order it without the frame). Each print edition contains limited quantities and is validated by a Certificate of Authenticity. Get them a limited edition silkscreen print and upgrade them from art lover to art collector.

It's got layers... 

Do you have a friend that's complicated and hard to impress? Who tends to answer "been there, seen that". Are they always looking for the next best weird thing that doesn't fit neatly into a category (like them)? A mixed media print is a true freak. It's neither an original or a print...but both at the same time and we love them for it. Shop our artist editions for hand-painted multiples that defy categories.


it doesn't have to break the bank... 


You have a lot of people on your list...we get it. This season can be hard on your wallet. You can still get them something beautiful to adorn their walls without going overboard. Shop our under $100 collection for creative finds that are reasonably priced.


It's as unique as they are...

If you really want to impress them with a statement piece that will give their art collection some substantial weight, shop originals. One-of-a-kind original works of art that are sure to one-up all the other gifts under their tree...not that this is a competition or anything...


We hope this was informative and gave you some guidance as you enter this chaotic time. If you still have more questions or are curious about other services we offer, you can always shoot us an email at info@posterchildprints.com

Love and appreciation,

PCP Team


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