September 06, 2012

GAIA'S "Carrier Pigeon" now available!

Now available, our first ever limited edition print release with Baltimore based street artist, GAIA! "Carrier Pigeon" is a 3 color hand pulled screen print using transparent inks.

We knew that GAIA wanted to create something special, and the only way to do that would be to get him out here to LA to work hand-in-hand with our printer. This print captures not only GAIA's iconic imagery but also integrates a backdrop, simular to the backdrops of  many of his real life murals.

To create the detailed pigeon, GAIA, hand-painted the image in layers using India ink, acrylic paint and paint markers.Here's what GAIA had to say about his use of pigeons in his work and this print.

"The carrier pigeon perched within a hand is an image that I have
revisited many times in the past year. Much like the hybridized
creatures I have produced in the past, this gesture displays a moment
of domination and submission but also of steward and nature. Pigeons
are beautiful creatures and one of the few that can tolerate the city.
This print is a celebration of a dying urban spot and of an unsung
animal." - Gaia